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An Occurance at Owl Creek Bridge
by: Ambrose Bierce

Read by:  Robert Ryan
Time:  28 minutes  --  Audience:  Adult 16+
Subject:  short story

The out-of-body experience of a saboteur facing summary execution.

BibleVerse ~ Poetic Expressions with Rhyme and Reason
by: George Douglas MacArthur

Read by the author and his daughter:  George and Marlee MacArthur
Time:  1 hour 58 minutes  --  stereo  --  Audience:  Adult 16+
Subject:  inspirational poetry (set to gentle ambient music)

Using simple elegant words, the author reveals, enhances, and explains the Bibles most important lessons.
The words of BibleVerse have the power to transform, inspire and change the lives of all that listen.

Green Book, The
by: Muammar Al Qathafi

Read by:  John Gillmore
Time:  2 hours 19 minutes  --  Audience:  Adult 16+
Subject:  [non-fiction] political philosophy

A three part treatise on Democracy, Economics, and Social Relationships.

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